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Are you new in D.C.?

Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, is a city with a rich history and a wide range of fascinating attractions. Here are some interesting things to explore in Washington, D.C.:

  1. National Mall: The National Mall is a historic park that stretches from the Lincoln Memorial to the United States Capitol. It is home to iconic landmarks like the Washington Monument, the Reflecting Pool, and monuments dedicated to presidents like Lincoln, Jefferson, and FDR.

  2. Smithsonian Institution: Washington, DC is home to a world-class museum collection known collectively as the Smithsonian Institution. The Smithsonian's museums cover a wide range of subjects, including art, history, science, and culture. Some popular museums include the National Air and Space Museum, the National Museum of Natural History, and the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

  3. United States Capitol: The United States Capitol is the seat of the United States Congress. Visitors can take guided tours of the historic building to learn about the country's legislative process and explore its impressive architecture and art.

  4. The White House: The White House is the official residence and workplace of the President of the United States. Although public tours are limited, you can still see the exterior of this iconic building from outside the gates.

  5. Georgetown: Georgetown is a historic D.C. neighbourhood known for its cobblestone streets, charming architecture, and bustling shops and restaurants. It's a great place to explore, with its shopping, waterfront park and prestigious Georgetown University.

  6. National Gallery of Art: The National Gallery of Art houses an extensive collection of European and American art, including works by renowned artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Monet and Van Gogh. Admission to the museum is free.

  7. Library of Congress: The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world, with an extensive collection of books, manuscripts, photographs and other important historical documents. Visitors can take guided tours and explore the impressive architecture of the Thomas Jefferson Building.

  8. Arlington National Cemetery: Located across the Potomac River, Arlington National Cemetery is a solemn and important place that honors the country's military veterans. The cemetery is the final resting place of many notable figures, including President John F. Kennedy.

  9. National Zoo: The Smithsonian National Zoo is a great place to visit, especially if you are traveling with children. It is home to a wide variety of animals, including giant pandas, lions, elephants, and more. Entrance to the zoo is free.

  10. The National Archives: The National Archives are home to important historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Visitors can view these iconic documents and explore various exhibits showcasing American history.

These are just a few examples of the many great things to see and do in Washington, D.C. The city also hosts many festivals, cultural events, and has a vibrant food scene, making it a vibrant destination for travellers.


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